Article - Girls get rolling


Gippsland Lakes Roller Derby (GLRD) is set to kick off their Junior Roller Derby Program as early as next month! On the back of the success of their Quad Fit program and with growing interest from high school aged girls, GLRD has secured funding from Skate Victoria in conjunction with Sports and Recreation Victoria to run a free introduction to Roller Derby program aimed at girls between the ages of 13 and 17. The program, called “Roller Derby High”, was designed by Skate Victoria and will be run by GLRD’s accredited coaches over 4 weekly sessions in both Sale & Bairnsdale.

“We’ve seen what this sport can do for women and now we want to bring this to younger girls and show them that there are alternate and fun sporting options for them in Regional Victoria.” Says Club President, Kylie “Sk8r McGavin” Fordham. “Our program is all about building confident and self esteem in our participants, young girls in particular can really benefit from this.”

Research suggests that traditionally, there is a significant drop in participation in sporting activities by young girls from age 13 onwards. The program is an initiative designed to address this issue and get young females roller skating in a fun and supportive environment with opportunities for ongoing pathways to further develop their skills being provided for participants who want to continue skating recreationally or competitively.


“This pilot program is only the beginning of our Junior skaters. If successful we plan to continue our junior program, opening it up to males and younger ages on top of our current Quad Fit and Adult Roller Derby training.” Says Kylie. “Many of our current juniors who participate in our Quad Fit program will transfer over to Junior Roller Derby to further develop their skills and confidence.”


The initial, free program will be an introduction to Roller Skating and non contact Roller Derby open to all skill levels. Skates and protective padding are supplied free of charge. Classes run for 1 hour with class numbers capped at 15 participants. For


Picture current Junior skaters Lara and Jaime

Bairnsdale participants the program kicks off on Friday 17th August from 4:30 until 5:30pm at Bairnsdale Aquatics and Recreation Centre (BARC) and for Sale participants on Tuesday 21st August from 5:30 until 6:30pm at their Henebery Pavillion training venue in Dawson Street, Sale.


Roller Derby High is made possible by funding assistance from Sport and Recreation Victoria and Skate Victoria. Contact Us at Gippsland Lakes Roller Derby if you wish to get involved.