TRV has brought together skaters from Wheat City Derby Angels, Gippsland Lakes Roller Derby (formerly Sale City Rollers), Mildura Roller Derby League, Latrobe City Roller Derby and Mornington Roller Derby League to form a competitive league who come together to compete in the Statewide Stampede for the 5th year running in 2019!

At GLRD we are incredibly proud of our bouting skaters; Cow Crusher, Griff'N'Gore, Sk8r McGavin, Tittz N Tattz and Lady Justice who  compete as part of the Rolling Matildas (Team Regional Victoria). It takes a lot of focus, hard work and determination to a competitive level in Roller Derby.

We cant wait to welcome even more of our up and coming skaters into TRV in 2019!

Check out the Rolling Matilda's on Facebook and join us in supporting this amazing team!